Are you ready to learn how to conquer procrastination and go from feeling stagnant and unfulfilled to taking action and creating the life you desire?


Does this sound like you?

You have a nagging whisper on the inside of you that keeps telling you this isn't what you're supposed to be doing with your life...


Yet somehow, every time you try to pursue your goals, you procrastinate. 


You want to start but you feel like you’re not ready yet. You think “I’ll do this when I get here” or “I’ll start doing this when x” or “I’m not qualified enough to do x” or “I don’t feel like I can help people because I haven’t achieved x yet” 


You constantly hold yourself to really high standards and compare yourself to a finished product and feel like you’re not ready so you put things off as a result.


You probably ask yourself questions such as…

  • Why can’t I do the things I KNOW I need to do??

  • Why do I keep putting this off when I know it’s what I want to do?

  • Why can’t I seem to take action despite desperately wanting things to change?


You’ve wasted months and even years putting off your ideas and goals, but it’s not your fault because..

  • You were sold a lie that it was because you are lazy

  • You thought it was just because of poor time management

  • You thought you needed “productivity hacks” 


But it’s deeper than that.


Procrastination is a symptom of a deeper problem that simple ‘productivity hacks’ aren’t going to solve. It’s going to require a mindset shift.


But because you didn’t know that you wasted time looking for solutions for the symptom and not the actual problem. 


The TRUTH is that you procrastinate because of these underlying problems:

  • You have a crippling fear of failure that prevents you from taking action

  • You’re afraid to step outside of your comfort zone

  • You genuinely believe you don’t deserve your goals and desires

  • You think you aren’t qualified for the things you want

  • You’re afraid of disappointing people by switching paths

  • You’re afraid of being judged, criticized, or perceived by people for taking that leap of faith

  • You keep comparing your new beginnings to people who are experts and you feel inferior and discouraged

  • You hold yourself to unrealistically high standards when just starting and you put things off until they can be "perfect"


And until you address these root problems, no productivity hacks are going to help you stop procrastinating.


But the good news is that the Procrastination Blueprint will help you do just that!


The Procrastination Blueprint is the only course that will help you conquer procrastination by challenging your limiting beliefs, reprogramming your mind and giving you a proven action plan versus generic productivity tips.

Here's What You'll Get When You Enroll:


Videos guiding and walking through how to overcome the barriers that keep you in a cycle of procrastination.


Workbooks that help you DIVE DEEP into each module so you can not only learn but put things into practice to get results!


You get access to bonus content that will help you implement everything you learn PLUS help with deeper self reflection to overcome procrastination.

What's Not Included: Any sort of vague strategies on productivity, law of attraction or habits that you can Google.

Take a minute and imagine a life where..

✓ You're extremely proud of yourself because you finally created the life you desire 

✓ You start each week off with a fresh to-do list because you complete all your tasks everyday 

✓ You have the capacity for new ideas because you're not hung up on what you've been putting off


Close your eyes and think about how incredible it would feel to explore your full potential, walk in your purpose and BE the best version of yourself!


You deserve to walk in your purpose and make a difference. There are people out there who need your gift.

Hi, I'm Sensi!


I spent 4 years in school studying accounting and another 3 years in corporate America on a path that made me dread my existence.


I couldn’t shake the whisper that kept telling me this is NOT what you’re supposed to be doing with your life. 


I did my best to silence it year after year until I got to a point where I felt so overwhelmed yet powerless because regardless of how unfulfilled I was..



And things looked good on the outside but I was silently suffering and feeling like I was betraying myself everyday because there was something on the inside of me that just couldn’t let me be happy doing what I wasn’t meant to do. 


It just wouldn’t let me get comfortable doing anything that wasn’t aligned with my purpose. 


Then, I finally decided to answer the whisper… BUT I procrastinated for 3 months just to take the first step. 


And little did I know I’d spend the next 2 years struggling to get things done. Why was it so hard for me to take action even though I was now doing what I loved? 


Because I had it wrong all along. 


And after struggling with procrastination for 3 years I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!


Using the method I teach in this course I was able to: 

  • Override my fear of failure and limiting beliefs that CAUSED me to procrastinate FINALLY take action every single day without procrastinating what was most important to me

  • Create a podcast that ranked in the Top 15 Education Podcasts on Apple with over 350,000 downloads and counting!

  • Create a life where I have time freedom, fulfillment, and PURPOSE


What will you accomplish with these proven strategies?


Here's What You'll Learn in the Procrastination Blueprint:

Module 1

Breaking Barriers: Identifying Limiting Beliefs & Self Sabotaging Behavior


  • Identify the limiting beliefs that cause you to remain stagnant

  • Identify your self sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from taking action

  • Tackle your people pleasing tendencies that make you feel stuck

  • Identify and conquer the fears that hold you back

  • Assess the identities you’ve adopted that doesn’t serve you

Module 2

Reprogramming Your Mind


  • Challenge and reframe your limiting beliefs 

  • Adopt new identities that align with the best version of yourself

  • Identify and create PROOF in your life that pushes you to take action

  • KEY mindsets to adopt that will help override your procrastination and fears

  • Completely resetting your mind and environment to align with your goals

Module 3

Creating Your ACTION PLAN


  • The 5 main things I did to beat procrastination!

  • Create your ACTION PLAN

  • Getting SUPER CLEAR on the path to achieve your goals

  • The BEST goal setting strategies to guarantee you CRUSH your goals

  • The SIMPLEST way to create routines that automatically take care of your goals

  • The BEST & SIMPLEST strategies for consistency


Wait, That's Not All! You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses To Help You Get Results Fast!


BONUS #1 - Goal Setting Planner


Your own Goal Setting Planner that's tailored to help you implement everything you've learned in this course! 

  • Incorporate mindset shift

  • Use recommended productivity tips

  • Create your clearly defined path to success



BONUS #2 - Visionary Meeting Toolkit


This exclusive toolkit is tailored to help you stay on top of your goals and your VISION for your life. 

  • Plan for your vision weekly

  • Track your progress towards your vision

  • Review and adjust your goals periodically


BONUS #3 - Reinvent Yourself Planner


Create a plan to reinvent yourself with your new mindset and refined goals. 

  • Create vision boards for each category of your life

  • Create a plan to achieve your lifestyle goals


BONUS #4 - Healing Journal


This journal will allow you to vent and write letters of forgiveness to everyone that created your limiting beliefs. It'll help you go the extra mile toward your healing as you tackle the factors that lead to your procrastination.

  • Forgive and let go

  • Release pain tied to limiting beliefs


BONUS #5 - Self Reflection Journal


Go the extra mile with self reflection as you uncover the factors that hold you back and lead to your procrastination.

  • Develop deeper self awareness

  • Reflect on your journey

  • Uncover things about yourself you didn't know

Quick Recap of What You Get When You Enroll in the Procrastination Blueprint Today:


  • Procrastination Blueprint course ($597)

  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates ($197)

  • BONUS #1: Goal Setting Planner ($37)

  • BONUS #2: Visionary Meeting Toolkit ($27)

  • BONUS #3: Self Reflection Journal ($19)

  • BONUS #4: Healing Journal ($19)

  • BONUS #5: Reinvent Yourself Planner ($19)


Total Value: $915

Today’s Price: $297


After the Procrastination Blueprint you'll finally...

  • Listen to the whisper and take action

  • Believe that it's mandatory that you walk in your purpose because the world needs what you have to offer

  • Be able to override the limiting beliefs and fears that keep you in the cycle of procrastination

  • Have a clear path AND PLAN on how to accomplish your goals

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Afterpay available

  • Procrastination Blueprint course ($597)
  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates ($197)
  • Visionary Meeting Toolkit ($37)
  • Goal Setting Planner ($27)
  • Self Reflection Journal ($19)
  • Healing Journal ($19)
  • Reinvent Yourself Planner ($19)

Total Value: $915

ENROLL for only $297!

Conquer Procrastination and finally create the life you desire now!


You're one step closer to:

  • 30+ lessons to help you overcome procrastination and start taking ACTION

  • 3 Workbooks to apply everything you’ve learned

  • BONUS content: Goal Planners, Visionary Meeting Toolkit, Self Reflection Journal

  • Lifetime Access to all future updates

  • Challenging and overcoming all of the limiting beliefs that cause you to procrastinate

  • Building the confidence to unapologetically walk in your purpose and use your gift!